Passion is what drives you, motivates you, and leads to success. Yes! No?

The popular advice, “Follow your passion” doesn’t always work in the modern world. In reality, your passion can lead you to a miserable end where you would spend the rest of your life regretting sticking to your passions and being blind to what really mattered.

Time is money and time is valuable. We have a limited amount of time on earth, so I want you to realize that not everything you’re passionate about is worth pursuing. Sometimes it’s better to go after something you like.

Be honest with yourself

Many people stick to fake passions because they’re afraid that having nothing to be passionate about is disastrous. In reality, a passion doesn’t mean a calling. Just because your friend is passionate about his hobby and you aren’t, doesn’t mean you failed to find your calling and purpose in life.

Stop creating and cultivating fake passions. There’s nothing wrong in doing what you like rather than following a passion that is the product of your imagination.

Don’t fear what others say. I have a friend that’s struggled with this for a long time. When she had no passion, everyone kept telling her that she was wasting her life and going to end up being miserable and broken.

When she found something she was passionate about she felt she had to do it in order to prove she wasn’t wasting her life. People told her that she chose the wrong road and that her passion was meaningless.

People will never stop talking, judging, and trying to teach you. So, if you don’t have a passion, be positive because doing what you like can sometimes be better.

Why Following Your Passion is misleading

Being told to follow your passion is not very good advice because what you are being told is itself incomplete. Not everyone knows what they wanted to do or be when they were a child, and the people that do, have unrealistic things they want to go after.

But before you decide on what you want to go after, you must ask yourself a few questions and think about your answer.

If you must do what you love day in and day out will you still love it? If you must do it for money will you still love it? Money may not be everything, but bills still must be paid among other things.

A lot of the things people are passionate about, people are not willing to pay them for. that’s how you end up with businesses that fail in a couple of years or never get off the ground.

It’s not about what you are passionate about, but what the market wants. that’s why smart businesses and individuals test what they are going after before putting it out there, either by doing A/B Testing or simply asking people (not friends and family) if they like what they are offering and go at it from there.

They make it sound easy

It’s not easy to find meaningful work. Work that pushes you to spend hours on it and lose sleep.

“Find your passion” makes it sound so easy when in fact it takes time to actually figure out what you are actually passionate about.

I never knew what I liked growing up, I probably still can’t say that I found my passion yet. I enjoy what I do now, but it took me 4 years to land here and another year to get into liking what I am currently doing.

Follow your passion means battling fears, pain, and constantly doubting if you are losing your mind on the decision that you’ve made. First comes sacrifice and a lot of battles before you start to profit at all.

What it takes

First, understand it’s not about you. Yes you want money, to be rich, have a better house, but it’s not about you and it never will be. Finding a passion is about your skills and what you can bring to the world. A difference you can make in the world. And the best way to help the world is to ask the world what it needs.

It’s a hard road to take and once you do take it you must be ready to invest time and many more. To work with a purpose, but to know that reaching your destination is 50/50 though most of the time it feels like 20/80.

The person you started as will be tested time and time again and many sacrifices will have to be made. and you will have to ask yourself is it worth it. To go through all this uncertainty.


Lack of passion makes you feel a hole, unfulfilled, and unsuccessful. Just like Yogi Bhajan said, “Passion is like waves; it comes and goes.” Really, passion comes unexpectedly but can fade away before you even grab a pen to write down your plan, while an interest stays and motivates you to finally reach that goal and never give up.

Passion is great and we all have it, but finding something you like and focusing on it is best.

This is key to happiness, financial prosperity, and a higher level of success. If you feel stuck in life, give yourself time to figure out what you like. Forget about your passions for a while and see what will happen then.

Why You Will Not Regret Not Following Your Passion