Perhaps you’ve already heard someone saying, “Ignore the 99% and listen to the 1%.”

Have you ever wondered if this conception is true? When you set certain goals, and are trying to achieve them, it’s obvious that you start seeking for advice. Taking any advice is a good skill, but most of the time those pieces of so-called wisdom can bring us down in the twinkle of an eye.

Many leaders and entrepreneurs confess that they’ve faced many failures and mischiefs because they listened to the 99%. But it’s not about successful people only. Take any ordinary person as an example and you will see that they commit the same mistake.

If you keep listening to the 99% of advice, chances are you don’t feel fulfilled and you’re still not successful. With this in mind, I suggest you read and realize why you have to start ignoring the 99%.

You feel stuck in life

And, why do you feel this way? Because you’re afraid to leave your comfort zone and try new things.

Let’s say, you want to launch a small café, but those around you start telling you something like, “There are so many cafes out there, you’re surely going to fail,” “This business isn’t profitable. Trust me, you will get more troubles than money,” “Are you sure you will be able to manage all those taxes?” or “You and entrepreneurship are like the earth and the stars.”

These are all stupid advice and thoughts that are probably preventing you from becoming who you want to be and doing what you want to be doing. All those 99% are cowards who listen to each other and enjoy living their lives in the satisfactory (not even good!) level.

Want to stay in their club? Okay, but then there’s no point in reading this article. Want to find a great mentor and finally gain that success you’re so eagerly striving for? Keep reading…

You live someone else’s life

Sorry to say that, but who will tell you this harsh truth if not me? Regardless of your age, I’m more than sure that you’ve spent the greatest part of your life living someone else’s life.

If you skip your childhood and start with your 20s. How many times did you give up on your dreams/goals/desires because others told you they were weird/stupid and or unrealistic?

Living your own life means listening to yourself, making difficult decisions yourself and setting your priorities yourself.

The keyword here is yourself. You’re the only one who has the right to show you your path. Unless you help yourself to become successful, no one will help. After all, it’s hard to find a good mentor out of that 1%.

You take advice from the right people

If the person doesn’t help you grow and develop, despite all their efforts, advice and help, unfortunately, you hang out with the wrong person.

There are wrong pieces of advice that we often take without checking their value. Even our friends can give us wrong advice that make us believe we can’t reach our goals. Stay alerted and check any advice twice before using it in your life.

You will make things happen

Dreaming is great, finding a mentor is better, but making things happen is best. Ignoring the 99% means doing your own stuff. Leaders follow this rule and it’s one of their secret weapons. They can quickly figure out what’s going on in the business world, reconsider it twice, create a plan and finally make things happen.

They don’t dread to fail. They just do it. This helps them grow from the experience and deal with the obstacles better in the future.

If you’re prone to doubts, it’s time to become more courageous.

You’ll learn to speak your mind

That’s crucially important in all aspects of life, and especially in the business world.

Ditch the habit of hiding all your ideas, thoughts and feelings. They do matter and they can make you successful. That silly idea you have in your mind right now can turn your life upside down tomorrow and bring wealth into your life.

Audre Lorde was right when she said, “I have come to believe over and over again that what’s most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.”

These are the pearls of wisdom. Many people are afraid to say what they think and want and fear prevents them from success and happiness.

With the positive and productive mindset, and the right people in your life, you can learn the secrets of choosing the right mentor, taking the right advice and ignoring the 99% of the wrong ones. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. It’s your life, after all.