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Acquiring success is a dream, but sometimes it is something only you can see. One has to have a lot of spirit to work to accomplish his or her dreams. But that is what separates those who find success and those who do not. What you need to understand is that the mind of a successful person is almost pre-ordained for a life of success. The following are just a few ways a successful person’s mind differs from others and why they will never settle for a life of mediocrity.

The Brain of a Successful Person

It might be natural to assume that intelligent people are the ones that will be successful. This is only partly true, and it also depends on the kind of intelligence that you are referring to. Yes, intelligence has different characteristics, and these characteristics make a difference in the way one goes about becoming successful.

Intelligent people–the ones that usually do not work hard to figure out a complex question–are the ones that most people consider gifted. Gifted people are intelligent and are usually praised for it. But the problem is many of them do not work too hard for good grades. This means that they have the tendency to give up or not challenge themselves. Experts call this type of mind the Fixed Mindset.

There is another group of individuals who are smart but have more of a Growth Mindset. These individuals are driven to challenge themselves and seek new information at all times. This type of intelligence is seeking to improve itself. Studies showed that people with this type of intelligence were not praised for their natural abilities but rather praised for their efforts. So it is their efforts that drives them to move forward.

People with this kind of intelligence are usually the kind of people who are successful. So you do not need to be a genius; you just need a hunger to grow

Consider the 10,000 Hour Rule

Persistence, diligence, and an active effort is what makes the 10,000 Hour Rule a success. The idea behind this concept is that those who dedicate 10,000 hours to a particular field of study will likely become an expert in that field.

There are many people who misinterpret this concept and think that it simply means that working on the subject is all you need to master it. This does not work because all you are doing is using skills that you already have. You are not learning anything nor are you challenging yourself.

One must be involved in deliberate practice. This type of practice is the one described earlier, though it is usually associated with those with a Growth Mindset. The key for these 10,000 hours to work is to create activities that challenge you to try something new or expand your skill sets. The point is that you will not have an easy time performing deliberate practice.

There are other benefits towards attempting the 10,000 hours rule. The accelerated deliberate practice tasks make it easier for you to go through things like failure. This an important step because you will fail from time to time. But failure is not a negative outcome but rather an opportunity to refocus and reconstruct your efforts. Failures simply highlight a weakness in your approach. You will also get an opportunity to get more feedback on your work among other benefits.

Remember not to leave a single stone un-turned when attempting the 10,000 Hours Rule, such as reading more than what is on the internet. There is great content that might not have made it online yet, so take the time to read books, too.

Successful people gravitate to this type of challenge because of this Growth Mindset. So, it is apparent that successful people seem to learn faster because they actually try to learn more than others.

Emotional Intelligence Sets You Apart

Another aspect that is rarely spoken about, when it comes to why successful people seem to acquire knowledge quickly, deals with their emotional state. Yes, emotional intelligence has a lot to do with the way one acquires knowledge.

Experts believe that successful people are also emotionally intelligent people. Emotional intelligence encompasses many characteristics that are necessary in any line of work. But what is this type of intelligence?

For one, it is the type of intelligence that allows you to gauge your own emotions and be able to control them. It also means that you understand other people’s emotions and can easily put yourself in other’s shoes. This is important for successful people because–as you know–a lot of your success does depend on the connections that you are able to make.

Emotionally intelligent people are also able to take criticism well. This is an important characteristic for anyone attempting to grow and improve themselves. You already know how important the ability to take criticism is when using the 10,000 Hours Rule, but it is also important in the field itself. There are going to be moments when your work is criticized, and you are meant to grow due to these moments. But an emotionally unintelligent person will not be able see this moment as a lesson and miss the opportunity.

This type of intelligence is also associated with people who can change with the times without much worry. This is because they love the challenge of reconstructing their way of doing things. They don’t mind change. People who are not emotionally intelligent like to keep things as they are because they feel comfortable and confident.

It is clear to see why an emotionally intelligent person may learn quickly. What is important to understand is what makes a successful person learn quickly (or appear to) is they are always ready to improve themselves. So if you are in this group, you are in good company.

My name is James J-Pierre and I’m the founder of Entrepreneurboy. I’ll be sharing what works and doesn’t work so you know how to build your business better. My Goal is to help as many people around the globe as possible who have a passion for Entrepreneurship & Achieving Success.