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Recently, I had a toast in Dubrovnik (Croatia) for my most successful month ever, after I gave a successful motivational speech in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and had hit the biggest income per month in my earning history.

If somebody had told me five years ago that I would be a life coach, writing articles for The Huffington Post, COSMOPOLITAN, Personal Growth… and other international publications, working on my laptop, under the shades of palm trees or in my favourite cafe spot with WI-FI connection, and traveling around the globe (India, Dubai, Europe…) I would be mind blown!

I’ve learned over the years, as a person who has been on a personal growth journey for a decade, and a life coach who is helping clients to create their success stories that success is never a coincidence!

One of the major factors which will decide how successful we will be in any area of our life is the strength of our self-discipline!

No matter how talented and smart we are and how big opportunities and potential we may have to succeed, if we do not build our self-discipline muscle, we will not be strong enough to push through challenges on our success journey and achieve our goals.

Self-discipline is everything! Here’s why…

Would you be able to push yourself out of bed early morning and go to the gym… or would you hit snooze? Your choice determines your level of fitness.

Having the time, or even a personal trainer means nothing if you don’t wake up and go to gym.

If you cannot win over your laziness and strengthen your mind to command over your thoughts and your body… you will not achieve your fitness goals! Same goes with any other goal we want to achieve in career and life.

The most challenging enemy we need to win over in life is ourselves: our own resistance, our laziness, our inertia to maintain the status quo and avoid that little extra pain and sacrifice that can make us better, stronger and more successful.

But, if we do manage to build that self-discipline muscle and make it strong, hard and big, we will be able to lift ourselves up much higher in life than we could ever imagine.

Here are some valuable tips on how you can keep up the motivation and build your self-discipline muscle;

Keep your goal and vision in mind (always)

Every time you feel resistance, and lack of discipline to pursue your goal, remind yourself of your vision. Imagine yourself as a person who achieved that goal. Envision how it would feel, how proud and happy you would be once it would become your reality.

Having a vision board with your goals or dream life can help you as well. Also, having reminders on your phone with positive messages and motivational quotes. Reading personal growth books on motivation and success and more articles like this one can be a great help to keep you going.

Feed your mind daily, and follow the words of people who inspire you. This will remind you of your vision when your motivation and self-discipline start to slip.

Surround yourself with people who will inspire and support you

The last thing you need while you’re working on your business and your goals are people pulling you down.

People who are lacking self-discipline and quitting on their own goals are not the best company for you if you want to achieve big things. “Friends,” who will try to convince you to spend the night drinking with them instead of working on your projects or business idea are good to avoid.

Surround yourself with other people who are hustling hard. Good role models who will inspire you to keep going and hold you accountable to your work.

Build strong self-discipline in every area of your life

There are various ways you can build your self-discipline; which can help you stay committed to your business goals, as self-discipline is a transferable trait.

Waking up early in the morning, changing your diet and eating healthier, doing regular exercise, practicing any form of martial arts, daily meditation, yoga… are some of the things that can help your mind gain better control over your thoughts and body (a.k.a. win over laziness and resistance) and build your self-discipline muscle.

Working with a coach

Having an expert guide will not only help you achieve your goals, but you’ll do it with less time, effort and money.

Working with a life, business or success coach means you will have someone to keep you accountable and demand you take action and the steps required to succeed.

Think of the ways the lack of your self-discipline is stopping or slowing you down from achieving your goals and what tip(s) above you could apply, starting today, to build your self-discipline muscle.

Danijela Jokic Vaislay is a life coach, featured and quoted in many major international publications, includ-ing The Huffington Post and COSMOPOLITAN. After being on a personal growth journey for a decade and spending more than three years in India, Danijela is helping other people with her articles and private coach-ing to get the rock solid confidence and courage to go after their goals, achieve massive success, and po-sition themselves as an expert and influencer in the niche. Read more success tips on her blog and follow her on Instagram for your daily dose of motivation.

Why Self-discipline Is Crucial To Achieving Success And How To Build It