You’re tired. You’ve tried everything and you just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. I’m talking about losing weight, a scenario many people experience that could lead to frustration and desperation.

There are instances when even if people do the right things to shed extra pounds, progress seems to be out of sight. If you’re one of them, I bet you try to search for a reason, listing every problem that might have caused it.

Not losing weight when you’ve put all your effort into it is one of the most terrible things in the world of fitness. So here are some hard truths to answer the why.

You Binge-eat After a Workout

When you exercise, you burn calories. This is why working out is an important aspect of weight loss. However, the problem lies in your intention.

Some people work out so they can binge-eat later. They use the ‘I exercised’ excuse to bail themselves out of their overindulgence. Binge-eating is a side effect of diet, and it applies to both junk food and healthy food.

Even if something is a healthy food, the calories still count. When you binge eat after a workout, you consume all the lost calories back. Sounds like you’re just cheating yourself, isn’t it?

You Don’t Eat Enough Protein

Protein is a nutrient vital to losing weight.

Aside from providing energy, protein has a lot of benefits — it boosts your metabolism, it reduces cravings and regulates your appetite, and it builds muscle. Eat protein-rich foods during breakfast to load yourself with protein to be used throughout the day.

You Rely on Exercise Alone

Having said that exercise is fundamental to weight loss, it doesn’t mean that doing it alone will do the trick. Yes, exercise helps burn those extra calories, but relying on it to lose weight is like fighting a lost battle.

If you’re going to study the calories burned during exercise, you’ll find that working out burns very little. On the other hand, you can consume hundreds to thousands of calories in just one sitting.

True health springs from the inside out. And for a weight loss plan to be successful, you’ve got to cut back on your calorie intake through a good diet plan, then burn the extra calories your body doesn’t need through exercise.

You Perform the Wrong Types of Exercise

Exercising regularly is not only important for weight loss but also to maintain your overall health and fitness.

Weight loss is all about burning and burning calories. Truth be told, all forms of exercise burn calories and therefore helps in losing weight. The most important thing to consider, though, is to do the type that burns the most calories.

Known as the king of burning calories, cardio training should be at the top of your list. Although strength training reduces the amount of muscle loss, it doesn’t burn as much as cardio does.

Make sure to focus on cardio and incorporate strength training exercises to preserve lean muscle.

You Don’t Sleep Well

Sure, you think sleep doesn’t have a bearing on your weight loss plan.

When it comes to physical and mental health and weight maintenance, good sleep is among the most essential factors to consider. Poor sleep is a risk factor for obesity, and sleep deprivation causes weight gain.

If you’re sleep-deprived, your appetite increases, prompting you to binge-eat and load yourself with calories.

You’re Not Consistent

Along with discipline and commitment, consistency is key to losing weight.

Often, people stick to their routine for some time, then go back to their old, unhealthy habits after. This is true especially if they don’t see any changes after religiously following a diet and exercise plan for a week.

Or maybe, you don’t seem to realize that the ‘occasional’ indulgences you have once in a while affect the results. Once you’ve decided to start something, make sure to stick to it no matter what.

You Have an Underlying Condition

When you don’t fit in any of the reasons above and adhere to your weight loss program religiously, yet still see no progress, it’s advisable to visit a medical provider.

An underlying medical problem such as a thyroid issue or a hormonal disorder may be present, which makes your weight loss efforts to go down the drain. Make sure to consult your doctor for a checkup.

Getting rid of excess fat is really a challenging feat — one that takes commitment and discipline. Healthy weight loss doesn’t just happen overnight. You need to work hard for it and say goodbye to some comfortable things.

Can’t get rid of extra pounds? Take a look at the reasons listed above and check yourself if you fall in one of those.

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