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In Tim Ferriss’ new book, Tool of Titans, he illustrated the study of 200 successful people and what their habits were. Out of these 200 well known successful leaders, 80% of them said that they use mindfulness/meditation in the morning.

Time Magazine recently issued a special edition called Mindfulness as well. The secret is out.

Many of the daily exercises that were originally just thought to be beneficial for gurus, saints, and sages are for everyone. Leaders and CEO’s have long been using methods of mindfulness and other actions that were originally developed by those religious groups.

Mindfulness is fundamentally essential for many Eastern religions. To highly successful CEO’s, there are shared ways of being and thinking that are very similar while their lives run in different directions.

Deeply devoted people throughout the centuries have not only praised a certain deity or god but have also followed daily habits that go with their religion. Buddhist monks sit in silence, Catholics pray before eating or falling asleep, and Muslims honor a call to prayer several times a day.

They Believe in Something

While Saints and CEO’s may not have the same beliefs, their way of thinking is similar.

Saints believe in their God and all that he can do. The belief is unwavering and propels them to continue even through the harshest of situations. A monk’s faith is tested when he goes months without food for the cause of the religion. This deep-set belief in their religion means that there is no limit of loyalty they have.

CEO’s must believe in the industry they’re in. That the business they’re involved in will continue to be successful. They should believe in their assistants and staff, and above all, in themselves.

The belief is so real that they invest millions, spend all their time and effort into developing the business further.

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They Don’t Follow the Devil on Their Shoulder

You know that voice that tells you things aren’t possible? We have all encountered it. The negative part that isn’t so sure things will work out the way we want. Even Buddha himself was nagged by Mara, who metaphorically was the voice inside his head.

While Buddha hung out under the Bodhi tree, his last step before enlightenment, he had to face Mara’s wrath. He didn’t try to ignore the storm Mara sent, he embraced it and found peace.

CEO’s and highly successful people have also had to get past their inner voices telling them there’s no way they can accomplish something. As they worked their way to the top, they had to overcome the hardest challenge of all. Their own voice telling them it wasn’t possible.

Through enough experiences, the destructive voice got quieter until it disappeared. With the confidence that comes from surpassing the inner voice that says you can’t, your every move exudes sureness.

They Go Beyond Their Comfort Zone

Saints never just hung out in their comfort zone. To get people’s attention or create belief in the masses, they would often have to go through great lengths. They often suffered to get their message of God across or starved for the sake of their religion. Examples of inspirational saints include; Mother Teresa who worked in dire situations to help others.

CEO’s constantly go beyond themselves which started at the beginning of their success. They may have invested nearly all their money in endeavors they weren’t sure would pay off.

To be successful, CEO’s take chances and that has the opposite relation to remaining in your comfort zone. Many CEO’s get very little sleep and have no time for vacations.

With both Saints and CEO’s, they don’t view any of these hardships as difficult. It is a labor of love as they believe in what they’re doing.

They Practice Discipline

Monks, Catholic Priests and Rabbis alike are disciplined within their beliefs. They dedicate their whole selves to the religion they are a part of. That means daily effort in helping out the community of any given religion.

If you’ve ever heard someone talking about what it’s like to meditate, often they say it’s difficult to relax or their legs go numb. With discipline, which includes shutting your mind up, anyone can overcome these discomforts and gain insight into who they are.

Meditation is being practiced by many CEO’s because it allows them to clear their mind and be more productive. It reduces the amount of stress, promotes focus and boosts emotional intelligence.

CEO’s have to time their life very clearly as well. They must eat regularly and take care of themselves to continue working as hard and intelligently as they do.  CEO’s stay on track to obtain their style of enlightenment, success.

Daily Routines

When attending a Buddhist monastery, you wake up every day at 4:30 am and meditate. You eat the same breakfast every day, you do chores at the same time and create a routine for yourself.

The routines of a Buddhist monk have been the same for centuries. They have been a staple of promoting awareness and focus for monks. By doing the daily routine, they have the potential to reach deep understandings like enlightenment.

CEO’s also have their routines to manage their busy lives.

In a world with so many uncertainties, their routine is something they come to rely on. It keeps them balanced. Many CEO’s follow the same routine daily. The day starts early, usually sometime between 4:30 and 5:30. In fact, 70% of CEO’s that were involved in a study by Jim Citrin of Yahoo Finance did some form of exercise first thing in the morning.

They also make time for family. Whatever their actual routine is, they stick with it. This is part of what keeps them motivated and making good decisions.

While Saints and CEO’s have very different lives and beliefs, they do use similar tools to allow them to do well in their disciplines.

The reasons for meditation, daily routines, practicing discipline and other healthy habits may be wide across the spectrum. In the end, though, they are masters of their world.

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