As the end of the year approaches, millions of people reflect on the current year and are unsatisfied with their choices, and thus want to start the new year off on the very best foot possible, to reverse the damages they have done and start making some progress.

They think as soon as the clock strikes midnight, and January 1st comes around, they will magically be able to accomplish their goals and focus on their resolutions. But it’s not that easy. Accomplishing goals takes discipline and effort; it’s not something that you can just write on a piece of paper and hope it comes true.

instead of waiting for the end of the year to happen to make goals for yourself, you should start now!

Why? There’s No Better Time Than Now to Start Accomplishing Your Goals

Time is not your friend unless you know how to utilize it properly. Unfortunately, we are not like cheese or fine wine; most of us do not get better with age. We are human beings. As time passes, most of us are less likely to accomplish our goals and more likely to get sucked into making choices, and a lifestyle for ourselves that is not true to what we want.

So envision your ideal life. Create some goals that would lead up to that, and get ready to dig in. Here are some of the top reasons why you should start accomplishing those goals in the here and now rather than waiting around:

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New Year’s Resolutions are just Another Form of Procrastination

“I’ll quit smoking tomorrow”, “I’ll give up spending so much time on my smartphone next month”, “I’ll lose the weight starting on January first”. We have all heard the excuses and tentative timelines.

I get it, making change can be difficult. But by putting off the bad habit in your life that you are trying to change, you’re only making excuses for yourself. Which will lead to more bad choices and more excuses, which means more procrastination.

Tackle what you want to change about yourself in the here and now. Tell yourself ‘I can do this, and I’m going to start right now’.

Beating Procrastination: Because Tomorrow Never Comes

The Change Should Be Motivated Internally; Not From an External Source

It’s always baffled me how much precedent people place on one specific date, as if by magic it will reset their lifestyle and instantly make them successful in achieving their goals. But this isn’t the case, motivation has to come from within yourself; not from a day on the calendar.

This is akin to a person undergoing gastric bypass surgery that is overweight. Really, they are not doing anything to change themselves internally (e.g. by eating healthily, reading labels, etc,) but instead are artificially getting a boost from their stomach being artificially reduced through surgery. They may have changed externally, but internally they are still overweight.

New Years resolution goals are the same thing. They are just a crutch. Just something that will motivate you for a bit, but because it is externally motivated, and not sprung from a genuine desire to change yourself, the results are likely to die off after a couple weeks.

Goals You Set Now Are Much More Likely to be Realistic

Goal setting is almost an art. You want to hit that perfect sweet spot. Something that pushes you to be your best self and accomplish what you want out of life, but also something that is not too out of reach.

Goals should be simple and act as a guide, outlining how you should spend your time so that you can become successful. But, with New Year’s resolutions, you are faced with thinking about the entire year, which ends up being unproductive and often causes us to chase unachievable goals that are not specific or realistic.

For example, an incredibly common New Year’s resolution is: ‘I want to lose weight’. That’s great, but it is not specific nor is it realistic. You probably have an ideal body shape in your mind (for girls, a Victoria Secret model’s body. For guys, they want a Men’s Health Magazine cover body), but having such a broad image in your mind makes it un-achievable.

By making goals now for the year 2017, you can really think of your current state, as opposed to your ideal state, and make goals that you are able to accomplish.

Remember to be specific.

So whether you wrote your goals on a piece of paper, or you have a screenshot of an inspirational quote you haven’t looked at since late January, throw it out, delete it, get rid of it. Pick one thing and get it done now.

Accomplishing your goals is no easy feat, but there is no better time than now. Living a life that is true to yourself and making yourself happy should be your aim; focus on that while you work towards reaching your goals and fight through any struggles. The time is now; get out there and get shit done!


Don’t just read the post and be done with it. I want to hear what that one thing is that you picked and will you start right after posting the comment.