The evolution of the Internet has “super-charged” the marketing sector to an extent where it has become difficult to distinguish between legitimate products and scams.

Unknown to new entrepreneurs, most of the “over-hyped” products that promise to reveal a “secret formula” for success, are strategies that are not practically successful, once implemented in the real-world.

In fact, the only “secret-recipe” to success is hard work and determination, which can help potential entrepreneurs find their own formula for success.

 The Secret Question

Perhaps, the most important litmus test for marketers promoting their secrets is the question: Why they want to share their secrets?

By now, you must have seen hundreds of products in the market where the so-called Gurus claim that they will share their secrets for a minor one-time fee. Similarly, there are many pundits who claim to provide access to a platform for a monthly fee.

The next time, if you come across these marketing gimmicks, ask yourself a question – why would these individuals share their secrets if they are so successful in their business?

Logically, sharing secrets with other individuals means increasing the competition in the market, which means less profit for the Guru.

Consider a hypothetical example, where someone offers a secret that can give you a potential sales of $1000 to $2000 every month in the next 12 months. He further claims that he is already making a five-figure income from the source, which translates into approximately more than $8000 per month.

Also assume that the Internet marketer is willing to share the secret by charging a one-time fee of $20 offering you access to a pdf file that lists the exact methods used by the expert. The first warning sign is a lopsided profit-loss scenario for the expert because the Guru will need to convince 400 customers every month to generate at least the same income that he claims.

Why would anyone try to sell their secrets if they are already earning a substantial amount from their business or trade-secret?

If asked, Gurus will respond by claiming that there are a variety of niches in the market that allows everyone to participate without clogging the marketplace with too many sellers selling the same product.

Unfortunately, this is yet another myth because most successful marketers and contemporary business studies teach us that early entrants to the market have access to the widest range of possibilities. For others, the piece of market-share pie gets smaller to an extent where it is not possible to gain larger shares due to the presence of large number of sellers competing for the market share.

In this respect, it is also true that there are legitimate opportunities – both online and offline – that allows large number of individuals to participate.

However, we must remember that the road to success will demand patience and hard-work instead of the instant paychecks promised by Gurus. In a nutshell, the so-called expert will be making you a competitor even if the business niche offers legitimate business opportunity.

Why the “Hyped” Product Fails in the Real World?

In fact, the most successful business model for successful marketers is their ability to convince others to buy their product. These products can be in the form of e-books, software or any other information source.

Mostly, secrets revealed in these products is nothing more than a compilation of useful information found on the Internet. Sometimes, the information is marketed as new, but it is not as effective as in the past. Likewise, most of the products sold on the Internet are based on theories, which is the reason why it is difficult for buyers to achieve success in the real-world.

For instance, the Internet marketing thrives on countless products that are hyped to sell using email and telephone lists. Unknown to many new entrepreneurs, the email address found on these expensive lists does not produce intended response because many end up in the spam folder.

Similarly, most users retain multiple email addresses, which makes it even more difficult to locate the exact email that is used by the potential buyer. In a nutshell, products that seem to garner a lot of interest on the Internet fail to attract customers in the real-world scenario.

Another such example is “drop-shipping” products from retailer to the buyers on popular sales channels like Amazon and EBay. Marketers continue to convince potential entrepreneurs that the drop-shipping model works allowing individuals to sell products directly to the buyers on EBay and Amazon.

In this model, the seller lists the inventory on EBay and Amazon without buying the product from the retailer and wait for the potential buyers to show interest.

If someone buys the product, the seller can directly order the retailer to ship the product to the buyer. Yet, the problem with this hyped model may not work on the Internet because the “drop-ship” price of the product is mostly similar to the discounted prices offered by other sellers.

Mostly, there are lots of sellers who are selling the product at a much lower price. Even if the drop-shipping company has good prices, it is likely that the product is not in demand, and it may take ages to sell that particular product. Therefore, the only beneficiary in this model is the drop-shipping company that continues to make money using the monthly subscription fees charged to members and entrepreneurs.


Hence, it is important to understand that there is no secret product that will make buyers profit instantly. If there was such a secret, the marketing Guru or the Scammer will never reveal the secret.

In truth, the only secret to success is hard work and consistency. As such, there are hundreds of legitimate products and sales channels that can offer great success, but entrepreneurs need to work hard to generate additional opportunities.

While on the path to success, these entrepreneurs may often come across effective strategies that are highly innovative and successful. These trade secrets are the actual secrets that no one wants to tell others. Hence, The secret is hard work and determination and its always been that.

Image Credit: Pixabay