Avoid people who make you Unhappy

Life is full of different things. both good and bad. If you only wish for the good I can’t imagine how dull the world would be, though I’m not saying I enjoy the bad.

One of the bads of life is negative people. The ones who cause you pain and the ones, though you try so hard, know what it takes to get under your skin. It may not always be an option to eliminate these types of people from your life, but it would do your life good to spend as little time with them as possible or avoid them all together.

Constantly being around those that hurt and stress you will only cause turmoil or worse cause you to become like them.

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Don’t Procrastinate

We have this habit of wanting to do something in life but never do it. One of the reasons being is that you procrastinate without knowing it.

When starting a business or something new, a lot of people will focus on the business plan and spend countless days and months on it. To them, it feels like they are starting, but in reality, they are procrastinating, fearful of the unknown.

Start on whatever you’ve been wanting to go after and correct course as you go.

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Say No More Often

Don’t do what everyone else does and make excuses when you don’t want to do something, be confident, and practice saying no more often. Most of the time things that are being asked of you are a waste of time. Saying no keeps false opportunity away and keeps you more focused. Don’t perceive it as being mean. It’s your right to say no, and no one can take that from you.

Avoid saying words like, maybe. I’ll think about it, or ask me later. Don’t make promises you can’t keep just to please someone else.

When I ask someone for something and they tell me maybe or I’ll try, I don’t accept that answer. It’s either yes you can or no you can’t.

A few years ago, while being forced by my parents and the people around me to go to school. I would ask my friends brother if I could use his car to get to school (which was a 2-hour drive) and he would tell me to ask him the next day. When I called, he would say come by his house. After minutes of knocking on his bedroom door, he continued to ask me questions and would say no. I wasted my time and woke out of bed early only to hear an answer he could’ve told me when I first asked. Things like that are very annoying, not to mention a big waste of time.

Be More Grateful

Many people chase after something they don’t have, only to lose sight of what they already had. Learn to appreciate the things you have in your life, and be grateful that you have them. While you’re searching for women or fast cars you are pushing away someone that loves you and not taking care of what you already have.

If you can’t appreciate what you have now, getting what you want will not make you any happier. It’s ok to want and go after more in life, but don’t be so obsessed that you forget what you already have.


One of the reasons you feel overwhelmed and busy all the time is due to not being organized. When it comes to tasks or goals, not everything holds the same value, you must learn to do what is important first, otherwise, you will be stuck doing tedious work that feels like it goes on forever.

Example, if today is Monday and you have a project due Tuesday, don’t waste time on something that is due in a week. It’s the same when it comes to setting goals, learn to work on the important things first.

Take A Break From The World

Like everyone else, your life is busy. The world is full of noise and sometimes it’s a bit much to take. I’m always on my laptop, researching, reading, writing, and setting time aside for the people in life and doing a bunch of other things that take up my day. But I learn to occasionally take some time to myself and get away from the world.

I find something I enjoy doing. For me, it’s watching a few anime episodes. For you, it could be reading a book, or simply getting that much needed sleep.

People, mostly newbie entrepreneurs perceive taking a break as being lazy or slacking off. they put in hours of work daily and burn out quickly and wonder why. If you desire to work countless hours a week, I won’t tell you not to, but what you should do is take some time to yourself to eliminate stress and reconnect with yourself. It helps with your overall goals.

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Have you tried any of these habits? If so, please share with me your experience in the comments below.