As humans, we tend to have a vivid image in our mind of ourselves at our full potential.

Every single day the decisions we make either push us closer to reaching our full potential or push us further away. If you have any goals and are not accomplishing them or making good progress towards completing them, it’s because you lack self-discipline.

There are two things that are essential to learning self-discipline; increasing your ability to control your actions and the ability to control your emotions.

Self- discipline can be learned just as anything else can be learned, which is good because that leaves no room for excuses to be made.

Your Actions

The actions that you take are an internal battle you have with yourself with what you do. The choice to do what is right, or what you know you should be doing versus what you would rather be doing.

Luckily, for some people, what they should be doing is something that they would rather be doing in the first place.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case and this is where self-discipline comes into play, it allows you the ability to do what you know you should do even if you do not feel like it at all.

Delayed gratification is your friend; it’s the ability to put off what is fun and instantly rewarding to do what you must now because the payoffs will always be greater later.

Delayed gratification has an opposite that many don’t know about but fall victim to every-day, instant gratification, which is choosing immediate payoffs over greater ones later.

For example, instead of working on productive things you choose to watch your favorite TV show or spend your precious time on social media.

People want to have their desserts before they eat their dinner, without understanding that the dessert will feel more rewarding after you have eaten your dinner first.

One key for taking the right actions is to form the right habits that allow you to take correct and consistent actions with little to no resistance.

By forming certain habits, it will cause a ripple effect on your entire life, these habits are called Keystone Habits. Deciding to focus on your health, you develop certain actions such as exercising daily, which causes your meal plan to change then you intake more water which improves skin and so on.

By choosing which habits you live with, it directly affects the actions that you take.

To reach your goals your actions must match. Spend time developing habits such as self-discipline; that is how you take control of your life.

Your Emotions

Your emotions play a big role in your success in all areas of your life. They are what makes or break you as a person. Never ever play the victim role in your life. If there’s an area of your life where you are being the victim, take responsibility and do something about it right now.

You don’t like your job? Do something about it! You applied for it, you even went to the interview, no one forced you to do anything.  Everything that happens in your life you are responsible for, even if it isn’t directly your “fault.”

The way you react is always up to you. You must not only take responsibility for your life but you must also be accountable, own up to your mistakes and do what you can to fix them. Until you become accountable nothing will change for you.

Mastery of emotions also includes your own happiness. Unhappiness can be a major strain on your goals. Your happiness level should never be affected by any external factors and in the moment, that it does, you must learn to bounce back.


It is mandatory to know your goals, the more familiar with your goals you become the easier it is to remember to take actions, that aligns you with that goal.

By learning self-discipline, you are putting yourself in a forward motion toward the reality you desire. The most important thing to take away from this is that only you have the power to change your life.

You can know all the steps it takes, the habits you need, but until you start implementing all of it to your life every single day, you will never make use of the knowledge.

Stop looking for an easy way out, the path of least resistance will never have a greater payoff than the opposite.

All that you want from life is possible, but it must be worked for, you just need to start now and stay consistent.

DECIDE right now to change or stay the same.