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If you desire success, work harder!

Sadly, the people living by that saying is wrong. Working hard does not mean you will become successful, there are plenty of entrepreneurs putting in 20-hour days only to feel stuck and disappointed because they’ve yet to figure out why.

Anyone can work hard, but smashing a snail into wood with your fist tells me you won’t last long and won’t get much done.

Think! Everything comes easy when you utilize your resources the right way.

We can both agree in the time it takes you to smash five nails into wood with your fist, I’ve smashed ten with a hammer; and taking it one step further, someone’s hit 50 with a nail gun.

Learning to work smarter will assure your success. Here are some simple rules to pick up on.

Say no more often

Yes, many entrepreneurs say the best thing you could do is say yes, but just as many agree with the opposite.

Don’t be ignorant! Most inquires you are asked are not worth your efforts. Time is important, treat it as such. Say yes only to what deserves your attention.

Say no, more than you say yes, that leaves you time to finish what you start and not worry about promises you made to others for fear of being mean.

To strengthen my point, take a look back to when you were asked multiple times to do something, think, were the tasks that important?

Find your distractions

When you are putting in work, do that. Don’t mix it with play.

Turn off the extensions on your browser that lets you know when Ann changes her profile picture.

Find your distractions.

Not all are so obvious because certain distractions we don’t categories as something that waste time.

Figure them out.

Fist vs hammer vs nail gun

Entrepreneurs need to stay thinking on their feet. Brute force doesn’t solve everything, just as hard work will only get you so far.

Money is not always an issue because there are a lot of free tools you can put to use. Don’t allow yourself to stay limited, use the resources around you.

Automate your emails, blog posts and social sites; if you can think of it, someones created it. The future is coming, and people smarter than you and I are working to solve issues many people face.

Take up the nail gun and stop hurting your fist.

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Tackle only priorities

Goals are set, to do lists get created and procrastination begins.

Working smarter is having a priority list. That means if it’s not actionable, if it’s not important, it is not listed.

Don’t fall into the trap of writing down every to do that comes to mind. People who set to do list, rarely ever finish them because it is not focused.

What they write are low priority and don’t need their attention right away.

Focus on strengths, ignore weaknesses

No matter how hard you work, you cannot learn/dominate everything. You will have weaknesses. If your aim is to focus and strengthen those weaknesses, you are headed in the wrong direction.

Instead, only focus on what you’re good at; and as for your weak areas, surround yourself with people smarter than you.

I’m an entrepreneur. I know a little about everything. My strength lies in managing my site. I suck at everything else. To compensate for my lack of skills, I outsource writing to guest posts. For legal issues, a lawyer, so on and so on.

Elite entrepreneurs do the same. That is how they retain and build success; not by knowing everything or stretching their weaknesses but by having people around them to pick up where they lack.

They save time and money and avoid stress by working smarter.


Working smarter does not mean not working at all. In the beginning of building an empire it is always a requirement to put in work, but don’t fall into the trap of hard work will pave the way.

For every task that you do, always think if there is a way to do it better, or if someone has done it before you and left tips and tricks to tackle it.

Mange your time wisely and have a daily routine. Having done that will turn what you do into a habit and eliminate wasted time thinking of the next steps.

How do you work smarter, and not harder? I would love to hear your experience in the comments, or, you can let me know if I’m missing something.

My name is James J-Pierre and I’m the founder of Entrepreneurboy. I’ll be sharing what works and doesn’t work so you know how to build your business better. My Goal is to help as many people around the globe as possible who have a passion for Entrepreneurship & Achieving Success.