Did you know your blog can turn you into an entrepreneur? If you make it successful enough, it will become a brand. When it becomes a brand, it’s practically a business.

Did you notice that 2017 in the headline? It indicates the importance of implementing up-to-date tips. You need a guide focused on the current trends in blogging, which can easily launch your site among the best ones in the niche.

These tips work for bloggers who want to start making money from their blogs, but they are also great for entrepreneurs who are trying to launch successful blogs for marketing purposes. Whatever the case is, you’ll benefit from a brand that’s respected by the audience in the niche.

1. Understand the What a Blogging Brand Is

The term brand is not the easiest one to define. In simple words, the brand is a symbol of quality, efficiency, and customer loyalty. It’s something that makes the target customer choose the particular product or service even when there are more affordable options out there.

Branding a blog means you’re trying to turn the site into an authority in the chosen niche. You want the target audience to come directly at that website when they need relevant information. If they see such a brand in the list of Google results, they instinctively click on that link.

That’s your goal, right there.

2. Trace a Plan to Follow

The path toward that goal will be long and bumpy. You won’t turn a blog into a brand overnight.

  • Create a posting schedule. A clear pattern indicates professionalism and commitment. If you can handle two long-form posts per week, organize your schedule according to your possibilities. If you think you can publish content more often, plan the schedule in a suitable way. You want to get the audience used to the pattern, so they will visit your blog whenever a new post is expected.
  • In addition to the dates, you should plan the subjects, too. It’s important to cover a good variety of topics, but they should all be relevant to your niche.
  • Never sacrifice quality for the sake of frequency! That’s a strategy that could get you more traffic, but it won’t help you develop a brand.

3. The Quality Is Crucial

No one is going to waste time on inferior quality. If you want the target audience to prefer your blog over all other options in the niche, you have to make it better. Pick better topics, write better content, engage them in better ways!

If you can’t reach the level of quality you aim for while maintaining the planned frequency of posting, you can always delegate some of the posts to professional writers. Pick a good Assignment Help Service and you’ll have top-notch content crafted according to your instructions.

4. Try Interactive Content    

This is the 2017 part, right here. Interactive content is huge at the moment. It has the power to make your blog viral. When you make it fun for your audience, they will like spending time on it. Think of a way you can make your content interactive.

If, for example, you’re trying to turn a fitness blog into a brand, you can create an interactive quiz that helps people identify their body type. You can also create a poll to figure out what problems the audience faces and offer solutions.

The best thing about interactive content is that it’s easy to create. You can use tools like Riddle and QuizRevolution for that purpose.

5. Be Aware of Your Uniqueness. Show It!

Have you seen Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog? It’s really a brand! That’s because this person is aware of his specific quality and he conveys them brilliantly through the blog. Each piece of content is recognizable. A loyal reader will know it’s Gary they are reading even if they don’t know what site the content comes from.

That’s the point of branding – creating a recognizable blog. The design, topics, format, style… everything matters. First of all, you need to identify your strengths and values. Then, make sure everything you publish is relevant to those values.

6. Talk to People

You don’t want to come across as a robot. People appreciate bloggers with distinctive personalities, but they appreciate them even more when they respond to their comments. When someone cares enough for your blog to post a question or comment, answer!

Do you know who really builds your brand? It’s not you. It’s the audience. That’s why you should show some respect when they give you feedback or ask you for a solution.

7. Promote, Promote, Promote!

Every brand needs promotion. Sometimes it has to be aggressive, so you’ll spend a lot of time trying to make your content popular on social media.

Start by creating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest profiles for your blog. Then, start sharing the content! If you have nothing new to share today, just ask a question and try to engage the audience in the comment section. You can also remind them of previous posts that were popular.

The point is to be active on social media just enough so people will be aware of the brand, but won’t perceive your activity as spamming. Twitter is more forgiving in this matter; you can post several tweets per day. As for the remaining social networks, try to limit your activity to one or two daily updates.

Your blog has more potential than you imagine. It’s not easy to turn it to a brand, but it’s highly possible to achieve that status if you try hard enough. Start today!

How To Turn Your Blog Into A Popular Brand