No two minds are alike, therefore, what’s easy for someone may not be easy for another. A great example and what I’ll be writing about is coming up with a business idea. not everyone knows what they want in life, and that itself makes it more difficult.

In the beginning, it wasn’t easy for me to come up with any ideas, whether it was ideas about business or something else that could help me in life. I just copied others in hopes that It would replicate some type of income. Although that’s not too bad of an idea, it’s not the best or the most profitable.

Over the years, the best thing that’s played a major part in me being able to come up with ideas more easily is my imagination. That may not be the case for everyone, so I also figured out other ways to come up with ideas. And no matter where you are now, whether you’re bizarre like me or not, you too can improve your skills and come up with better business ideas and do it with no effort in due time.

If you read this, bookmark it, and come back to it again, because it will be a lot to take in, it will make learning it that much easier. With that aside, let’s begin.

 First, I’d like to start with a quote before we begin.

“Don’t ever let age define who you are and always look at life through the eyes of a child because only they can see what is hidden in plain sight.”

Solve A Problem/Problems

One of the best and easiest ways to come up with an idea is by solving a problem you or someone else has. People are very similar and therefore face similar problems. You don’t always have to solve a major problem like the big companies. Solving even a small problem will help many.

A good example that solves a problem for many kids is the nightlight. The mind is a dangerous weapon that can play games with you and make you see things that aren’t actually there. Someone invented the nightlight which helps children sleep in peace at night, as well as people that don’t like sleeping in completely darkness. It also solves another problem as well, which would be privacy for the parents.

You may not see it that way, but a lot of the products that currently exist were made to solve some type of problem for someone.

  • Sterile gloves to keep doctors from catching diseases and keeping patience wounds clean.
  • Baby’s crib to keep parents from rolling and suffocating their child while they sleep.
  • Solar power or portable A/c units to lower electricity bills, and more.

Everything around you solves an issue, you just have to get good at seeing it and better at identifying the issues around you. Start with your own frustration and work outwards. the ideas are all around you.

Something I have an issue with currently is my scalp. Head and shoulders and Selsun blue solve the issue of dandruff but they don’t do much for dead skin. It’s normal for the human scalp to get greasy and build a little bit of dead skin, but for me, it grows rapidly. If I scrape it off, I bleed and in less than two days, it comes back. if you have this issue or plan on inventing something for that, be sure to contact me.

That’s something that’s easy to notice as something that frustrates me. As you go about your daily life, train your mind to see what it is that causes you pain and frustration

From something you hate

Honestly, I hate a lot of things, but it’s not that simple. It must be something that comes up often, and it really bothers you, and you wish there was a solution for it or simply a better or easier way of doing it.

I think many of the men reading this post might be able to relate to this problem I’ve been having for the past years of my life.

Every time I get up to use the bathroom, especially in the middle of the night, I am told to lift the seat. I hate lifting the seat, sorry but I just can’t help my laziness.

I don’t want to go in the bathroom and touch what I know is filthy. It’s a toilet, cleaned or not it’s still filthy and I hate doing it.

All I want is to aim and shoot then rush back to bed, before I lose that dream about that super-model jogging down the beach in slow motion, but every time I walk in the bathroom, I’m reminded to lift the seat and I dread lifting the seat and soon enough this thought keeps appearing in my head.

After being forced to lift the seat so many times, I start to imagine a hands-free toilet where you could just flip a switch from the wall along with the light to lift the seat and flick it down with the light when you are done.

It’s not that often you’ll forget to turn off the lights so you’d see the toilet seat switch still up, which would save your ears from a night of nagging.

Unfortunately, that idea’s already taken. Not the way I imagine it, but still, a toilet seat that lifts up by the push of a bottom. Though I could still go through with my idea if I wanted to, because the way my bathroom switch idea operates would require a different patent, I’d prefer not to pursue it.

It’s not something I’d enjoy and I prefer not to spend my years forcing myself to do something I hate. I just wanted to give you an example.

Problems That Hasn’t Happened Yet

People will thank those that can think ahead and be able to solve the issues that have yet to happen. Its best to be one of the first few to start in a new market, because by the time the rest of the world gets into it, you had all the time you needed to perfect what you are working on.

A great example many of you were probably expecting me to give is from my one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Elon Musk. The Iron man that is currently tackling multiple markets by thinking ahead of what will happen and what will we do. Markets such as electric cars, solar panels, and being able to go into outer space and maybe even mars and make it inhabitable to humans one day.

Maybe a few decades from now earth will not be the same. The way we humans are drying it up will most likely kill the place we call home. Gasoline will not always be around, but the sun will. One day we might solely depend on solar panels and hopefully, go into an evergreen mindset.

Solve an issue that has yet to occur and you will have a head start.

From your job

Do you sometimes feel you could do better because you see all the flaws with the company you work at?

If you answered yes, just know you are not alone and maybe you should follow up on that gut feeling because it may just lead you in a direction that will change your life forever.

Let me give you an example of how it is you could get your next business idea from your current or old job.

I worked for one specific company at least four different locations and ended up quitting all of them, or should I say I just walked out, minus the one that laid me off. I probably would’ve worked at all five locations, but my legal papers were expired at one point.

I hated it. Do you know when someone says hate and they really mean it? I hated this company/job so much that if I had let myself go mad I’d probably burn all of them to the ground.

They all operated the same, I don’t mean the company I mean management. It’s good to have a system, but bad to have one that’s flawed.

Their system was operated in a non-sufficient manner that hindered things and made work more difficult though an easier way was clearly right in front of them.

If you’ve been at your job for a while I’m sure you see the flaws and how things could be done better. I don’t mean a way to make things easier on you, but a way for everyone to be more productive and get things done faster.

A job with a cracked system is an opportunity to the one’s willing to take it. It’s as simple as copying from them and applying your own in the mix to make things better or you could always start a company your way, copy their system and fix the cracks.

For example, Bill gates stole some ideas for Microsoft from apple/Jobs or should I say Xerox.

[bctt tweet=”Good artist borrow great artist steal. – Pablo Picasso ” via=”no”] 

Most businesses you see today were stolen from one previous of them. Coca cola and Pepsi for example, but who’s complaining, is Pepsi not one of the greats now? No one is original anymore and anyone who tells you different hasn’t woken up to the new age.

My Worst Enemy Is My Job – Should I Quit My Job?

From Television

Though I don’t recommend much TV, we must face the fact that the majority of people spend most of their lives glued in front of the tube, but if they were smart they’d realize television is a gold mine for ideas.

There are a lot of great ideas that come from television (Not from reality TV shows, because I think they are all idiots and anyone who watches them are idiots.) and those great ideas are just used for the show, not in real life (be sure to check that first.)

I prefer to watch cartoons when I do decide to take a bit of a break. There are a lot of good ideas and a lot of lessons you can learn if you can do something as simple as just deciphering the messages.

A great show to help you generate ideas would be Shark Tank and similar shows to it.

Reading about other people’s Success

If you want to keep information from the masses, just store it in a book. The average American reads just one book a year.

There’s a lot of people who lived before us and took it upon themselves to write about their experiences. If you have all this knowledge just waiting for you to click and find it, then why not?

I read many books and keep my mind open to new things and I read daily about billionaires, but most important above all I put what I read into action, because if your reading just to hoard information you are wasting you’re your time.

Writing down whatever comes to mind no matter how stupid

 Yes, this will work, just walk with a notepad small enough to fit into your pocket wherever you go out.

I could tell you this works because I always come up with the best ideas and quotes when I’m driving. It’s probably not a good thing that I daydream a lot when I’m driving.

I would just be sitting in the car and a great quote would zing across my mind. The first few times I told myself I’d remember it, but I never do; so now I pull over if I have to or drive slower to write it down if it’s something simple.

When your mind is most at ease that’s when good ideas will come to you. Write it down no matter how stupid, then sit when you have the time to run through a few scenarios in your head.

Your mind provides the idea, but it’s up to you to fix it and bring out its true potential.

I also recommend that you keep these ideas to yourself in the beginning, because negative criticism will destroy your ideas and possibly ruin your future.

Learn how easy it is to take criticism

What you love to do

 I’m sure you’ve heard this one a lot and if you don’t know what it is that you want to do, it’s very frustrating to hear.

Just sit, relax your mind and think back to when you were a child, what did you love to watch or do? If you’re like me and just had no clue and never really dreamed, what do you do for fun now?

Basketball, football maybe? Look at what you love to do and attack it from a different angle. No one will pay you to eat pizza because you love it, but looking at it from a different angle you could open a small pizza place.

By the way, don’t open a pizza place, there’s enough of those unless you do it and hit hard. A lot of businesses require little to no money capital to start, but to get into the pizza market you do need money.

There’s a difference between being optimistic and just plain ignorant and ignorance is not bliss, it’s toxic.

Fulfill A Human Need

Something you may not be familiar with is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. To put it simply, it’s the different areas that motivate people. Think of possible services or products you can offer that will help with these needs.

An example would be the need for food and water. To make it easier, people don’t have to go out hunting like in the early days, now all you need to do is go to the store. You can even order food and it comes to your door, saving you a trip and time on cooking.

Love/Belonging would be something like the cell phone that lets you call those close to you from wherever they are and bring you closer.

If you look at the needs and learn to understand them, you too could build on them easily as many other companies have. Companies such as ADT who provides home security and safety.

You could just have a dream about one

 Yup, you heard me right. You could just have a dream about it.

Now dreams aren’t voluntarily controlled by you, though some people can control their dreams at times, but for this example, it’s better that you can’t control your dreams.

If you’ve been exposing your mind to books and the right things to get you ahead especially before you go to sleep at night, you are more likely to get a good idea than someone who does nothing all day.

Let me tell you why I say you could get your next business idea from a dream.

My night started like any other, I closed my eyes and like many of the nights before nothing was in my head, no thoughts, no dreams. It was like being dead and just disappearing off the face of the earth.

But at some time in the early morning, I started waking up mentally and began to dream. I dreamed of this mystical place with weird creatures.

Creatures that did battle and I could control one of them by making him do different moves to attack the enemy.  As I fell deeper into the dream, my mind started to paint the picture of how these creatures looked and operate.

Falling into a routine way of sleeping, I can’t stay asleep past a certain time in the morning and the urge to pee didn’t help much.

I forced myself to stay asleep for just a little while longer because I knew the moment I got up it would all be over. Forcing myself to stay asleep didn’t last long and the idea started to fade, while a voice in my head kept on repeating “man you have to write this down!”

Like most people, I normally just forget most of my dreams after waking up, so the first thing I did was grab a notebook and a pen and wrote and drew down what I dreamed of.

I dreamed of a story and characters for a video game. The name came after I drew some of the characters, but I only got half of the story and characters and will have to figure the rest out on my own. The funny thing about all this is that I haven’t played, or thought about video games for over seven years.


Nothing is easy at first, but it is not impossible either. Read books and constantly work on yourself and your brain will come up with ideas much easier. You must be patient, don’t try and force yourself to come up with ideas, or solely come up with ideas to make money. Think of the ways you can help others solve a problem and you will have a sustainable business for years to come.

If you are only in it for money, it doesn’t mean you can’t make something for yourself but you will be blinded and it won’t be as profitable as someone who aims to make the world better in their own way, whether big or small.

If you have another way that you come up with business ideas, please share it with us. You’ll be helping others as well as being able to talk about it more in details with someone else in the comments.