I wrote a book that explains how.

In fact, I wrote several volumes of The Desire Code – 7 Keys to fulfill your wishes for success, wealth and happiness.

All the books are full of stories of how many, many people have managed to take charge of their lives by applying some pretty simple techniques (please note: ‘simple’ does not always equate to ‘easy’, but the good news is there are plenty of methods and techniques available, including at least one that’ll be right for you).

The techniques are proven and combine science and psychology to enable you to have all that you want – a new car, a big house, the love of your life or anything else.

So, the big question is, having successfully applied these techniques for myself…

Does life become happier?

Does successful wishing make us happier? My answer is a resounding, “Yes, definitely – but in unexpected ways.”

Happiness is an inner attitude and has very little to do with outer reality. If we aren’t happy without money or a partner, then having these in our lives will not make us happy.

After all, don’t we all know people who ‘have it all’ – money, a partner, fame – and yet are permanently bad-tempered or unhappy?

If we want to experience happiness, we will not do so through outside influences. This is because happiness always originates inside ourselves. We experience happiness when we send out happiness. And it doesn’t matter whether we are living in a villa or in a 300-square-foot apartment – we can be equally happy or unhappy in both. Happiness comes from an inner serenity. Happiness always arises when we want to share something with others.

Happiness is a state in which we find ourselves, with or without a partner, with or without money, with or without a house and status. Many people, however, believe that they can be happy only if they possess something specific.

And it’s precisely that little word ‘if ’ that holds our happiness hostage – forever. We’re absolutely not interested in figuring out why we are in our current situation – we simply want to get out of it.

However, given that this undesirable situation is the result of certain circumstances, namely our own subconscious wishes and beliefs that we refuse to embrace, we will continue to think and act in similar ways even if our outer circumstances change.

We always take ourselves with us. Thus we are also our own companions on the path to our alleged happiness, which of course always lies elsewhere. And that’s why we will remain unhappy even when we do attain the situation that is supposed to make us happy.

There will always be something missing in our lives and preventing us from experiencing true happiness.

Many years ago, I seemingly had it all. Money, status, professional success, women and health. And yet I wasn’t happy. I felt empty and driven. I was still convinced that everyone else was better off than I was.

I was convinced that I needed to have more in order to come closer to happiness. In other words, I needed to become even more successful, accumulate even more possessions and go to bed with even more women, and then that feeling of deep bliss would set in.

And it was precisely this belief that did not allow me to be happy. Precisely this belief in my lack that led me to experience it more than ever. Without knowing it, I was shifting my happiness into the future. My belief in lack drowned out all my other wishes.

So strongly did I believe in this lack, which seemingly impeded my happiness, that even when the first wishes manifested, they weren’t the right ones for me, or they manifested far too late. For this reason, I couldn’t receive anything that the Universe delivered on my orders – absolutely nothing whatsoever – with joy and gratitude.

At the same time, I was convinced that other people had had far better wishes fulfilled.

I was in search of happiness, yet the more I looked for it outside myself, the more I lost sight of it. My subconscious wish at the time ran, “I’m not happy. My happiness lies in the future. I need even more in order to be happy.”

Hence I was quite concretely ordering: “Never experiencing happiness in the present.” My basic attitude was one of unhappiness. And even the fulfilment of my wishes, whether a few or many, could not alter that.

Only when I gave up and let go of the compelling notion of attaining happiness through others did I start to find deep contentment and love.

Ultimately, my search was always triggered by the same thing: my longing for love and security. Because I lacked these, I hoped to obtain them through outside influences.

However, when we do not feel love and security inside ourselves, no person on this earth can give them to us. That means, as much as I regret to say, that the fulfilment of all of our wishes does not alter our basic attitude to happiness.

If we aren’t happy now, then we won’t become happy as a result of outside influences – even though we sometimes believe we will. The happiness we experience in such cases is short-lived, because it doesn’t correspond with our very nature.

Has successful wishing made me happier? Yes, absolutely! Not so much because everything I wish for nowadays materializes in my life, but rather because I live more consciously and trust that I am being guided.

I have repeatedly been allowed to experience the fact that my wishes manifest if I want them to. That very fact has taught me that I do not need to struggle along on my own on this earth. Even in the quietest and loneliest moments I am fulfilled and happy.

Whether I’m completely withdrawn or out walking, I am connected. And brimming with gratitude. Joining forces with the Universe is considerably easier than struggling along on your own.

The Desire Code changed my whole world: how I experience and perceive things; my relationship and my love for myself. Every day I come closer to myself – with the help of successful wishing.

With each subsequent wish that was fulfilled, I better understood what was truly significant in my life. When we can achieve everything, when we can have anything, we start to examine our real wishes more closely.

Ultimately, it is always only love that we are seeking.

Ultimately, it is always only love that makes us happy.

Love for ourselves – and for others.