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  • Duplicate content submitters and Submissions that don’t follow these guidelines will normally get you blacklisted to save us time in the future.
  • We are Entrepreneurship focused.We cover a wide span of topics, but they are all entrepreneurship related.  Posts must be Entrepreneurship/freedom related, even if nowhere in the article it mentions the word entrepreneurship.
  • Do not pitch us post ideas. Use the search bar to see if it’s been covered. If you don’t know what to write about, send us a message of topics you normally cover, sites you’ve written for, and we will send you a list of topics.
  • Personal posts perform best. Even so, not all categories call for that, but if you are submitting to categories such as happiness, relationships, and others closely related – we’d prefer something personal
  • Write an original post of 800+ words. We’re looking for articles that can help someone for the better. Half ass submissions will not be reviewed.
  • Submit easy to follow pieces. Keep paragraphs short, 2-4 lines and use headers, bulleted lists, and hyperlinks if needed. Take a look around our site for some examples.
  • No promotional posts or links going back to your site. Links must point to relevant resources.
  • We reserve the right to modify content once it is submitted to our site at our discretion. You also grant us permission to use the content without needing your approval.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any work submitted for review for any reason without notice to the author. We also reserve the right to remove any published works by a guest author from Entrepreneurboy without prior warning or explanation to the author.
  • By the time we get the final copy it should be ready to post. If we have to go out of our way to edit and style it to the way it looks on our site, it will be declined.
  • Infographics – no matter how good, is a brand promotion. We do accept infographics, but you will have to put in the effort same as a regular guest post. Links will be added to the author’s bio. Infographic submissions – must come with a 600-800w original post.
  • Yoga/fitness/workouts: Provide specific instructions on how to complete the movements. Go in with the mindset of your reader being new to what you are teaching. Include images that help the reader follow the movements. I.e – how to do a push-up? Image of you in the start position, down position and backup, explaining what they should be doing under each image. A video explaining the activity will do also. Try and keep it short, under 10 mins.
  • Product Reviews: You use personally – cooking products, fitness products, books and blog products. note: we hate Bluehost (bad experience) so most pieces about them will not be accepted.
  • Recipes: please include serving size, ingredients with proper measurements, prep directions that are easy to understand, and an image (see our image guidelines below).
To assure  you are not sending any duplicates, use the search bar to see if it’s already covered.

don’t accept

    • Pieces on Bluehost, if you missed it above, we hate them and they suck. So anything positive on them, yes, will be deleted.
    • Market Samurai! Why? They also suck.
    • 9-5 articles – We’re an entrepreneurship site – so it should be obvious; posts on finding a job, getting a job, etc are not accepted.

    – exceptions fall under the happiness category and posts that tell you how to stay at work and build on the side.

    • Celebrities, rappers, reality tv shows – we don’t care about these things.
    • Submissions and or bios promoting beliefs not aligned with what we believe. Scammers, weight loss gimmicks, etc.
    • Promotional posts to plug in a product or brand name.

    Image Guidelines

    • Be sure you either own the image or it falls under the free Creative Commons license. – IMPORTANT.
    • Contributors are encouraged to submit an image with their posts (especially for fitness and cooking). Images should be high quality and at least 800 – 400 pixels.
    • Submit cc images or original images of a model/of yourself.
    • Photos taken in natural daylight are preferred unless the post type calls for something different.

    For food/recipes, close-ups don’t do so well. take photos of clean and natural settings. Use white, light gray, light brown, or natural wood. Linen or cloths are good too.

    See some samples on the Entrepreneurboy homepage.




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    • In order for us to get your profile image you must have/setup a gravatar account (  Please send us the email you used for Gravatar below your article.
    • Provide a descriptive title and a final draft of your article.
    • If you submit an image, please provide a link to where you got it from.

    Please submit your article to [email protected] – Posts that are not submitted via this email will be deleted.

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    We require guest authors to contribute not just through blog content, but also through replies to comments. Anytime someone comments on a post you write, you need to respond to the comment. It doesn’t matter if you write just a simple reply as long as you acknowledge that someone has commented and respond to it.