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All topics are provided by us. If your post is from personal experience or something you think we may not have, feel free to list your topics when messaging us.

If accepted your post may take 1 day – 3+ months to go live. If this is acceptable to you read on.

Each niche has it’s own set of rules. After reading this section feel free to skip to the one you would like to write about.

  1. NO duplicate contents. 100% original. NO half assed, fluff filled B.S. content.
  2. To weed out ppl just trying to get a link – all links pointing to your site or none authority resources will be removed.
  3. We do not do take backs. It doesn’t matter if we wiped all links from the post or something else, once we’ve taken the time to review it – it is locked
  4. Add plenty of images/screenshots if needed to help the reader better understand.
  5. NO paid or affiliate links.
  6. NO self promotion or calls to action except in your authors bio.

We reserve the right to modify content once it is submitted to our site at our discretion. You also grant us permission to use the content however we like without needing your approval.

We reserve the right to refuse any work submitted for review for any reason without notice to the author.

We reserve the right to remove/nofollow any link – even those in the author’s bio.

We also reserve the right to remove any published works by a guest author from Entrepreneurboy.com without prior warning or explanation to the author.

Submit easy to follow pieces aimed at beginners. Keep paragraphs short, 2-4 lines and use headers, bulleted lists, and hyperlinks if needed.

Infographics – no matter how good, is a brand promotion. We do not just accept infographics; you will have to put in the effort same as a regular guest post. Links will be added to the author’s bio. Infographic submissions – must come with a 1,000w original post.

Quotes – We do not accept quotes

Acceptance rate


Followed The Rules


Ignored The Rules

Blogging Tips

Seo, Blog Themes, Blog Hosting, etc

Write an original no fluff post of 1,200+ words. Longer pieces get priority. The longer the better.

Write for beginners in mind.

We’re looking for articles that can help someone for the better. Half ass submissions will not be reviewed.

Please provide snippets and a step by step process if needed.

For reviews be sure that you have experience with that service/product.

We don’t Accept

Please don’t pitch us on a review of your own products.

Book launches and press release.

Article Examples


Business, Success, Ecommerce, Freelancing, etc

1,000+ words. Must be original in your own words. We don’t do duplicates. The lengthier the post the better.

Please write user friendly content that can easily be understood by beginners, unless the topics requires advance writing. Give it your all and not something half baked.

Add images when necessary to help guide the reader.

For reviews be sure that you have experience with that service/product.

We don’t Accept

Anything 9-5 related. This is an entrepreneurship blog . Exceptions fall under posts about business management.

Article Examples

Personal Growth

Life, Happiness, Meditation, etc

Minimum post length starts at 1,000w. Avoid sending us any duplicates. Be sure what you submit is original.

Put yourself in the readers shoes and think about the type of post you would enjoy reading. Make it easy to read by breaking paragraphs as stated in the guidelines above. Don’t waste your time sending us effortless material.

We don’t Accept

Anything on relationships at the moment.

Article Examples

Health & Fitness

Healthy Living, Yoga, Weight loss & Fitness, etc

Minimum of 1,000w – longer = better. minus any fillers.

Add a short description before going into the list of instructions.

Provide specific instructions on how to complete each movement.

Go in with the mindset of your reader being new to what you are teaching.

If you wish to provide images of yourslef or images you have rights to, be sure they are of high quality. Include images that help the reader follow the movements. A video explaining the activity will do also. Try and keep it short, under 10 – 20 mins.

We don’t Accept

Anything about diseases. Things such as cancer, HIV, periods etc. We don’t cover medical health and diseases.

Article Examples

Did you read our guidelines?

Please provide the following.

*Don’t try to be fancy, just keep it simple. All topics are provided by us as stated above but feel free to pitch something that is from personal experience.

** It’s important to let us know if you have written for us before.

  1. Let us know what niche you would like to write about.
  2. What is your level of expertise. Please put beginner, intermediate or advance.(this will not affect you being accepted it just helps us choose a topic for you better.)
  3. If possible – at least three examples of your work and where you have guest posted before.

Subject: Guest post; [What Niche] 

We require guest authors to contribute not just through blog content, but also through replies to comments. Anytime someone comments on a post you write, you need to respond to the comment. It doesn’t matter if you write just a simple reply as long as you acknowledge that someone has commented and respond to it.

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