If you’ve been around the web, you will find a lot of bloggers talking about Bluehost, their experience, and them comparing it to Siteground or some other hosting company.

I can say now, I wish I had found one of those articles before I chose a hosting company back in 2015.

For my first few years of blogging, started off on Bluehost. Pat was making 150k a month and said it was a good resource. I was an average reader on his site, and unlike many, I took the step and signed up.

I started to take my blogging seriously a few months in, putting out content, outsourcing, building backlinks, doing all I could to build my brand.

What reason did I have to switch hosting companies?

Honestly, I never noticed any real issues at first. It wasn’t until around mid-2016 that things seemed to spiral. The site would crash constantly, speed was sluggish, that’s with Cloudflare and Maxcdn combined.

I upgraded and was soon paying over $200. Customer service was hard to reach. I once waited 2 hours on chat, only to have the representative quickly transfer me after saying I contacted the wrong department I thought was right. I been up for well over 18hours already, so I just went to sleep and left the site down for the night.

It was constant; site crashing, not being able to get in contact with anyone. It took me 30 mins to get through on the phone, then explaining to the support I had already upgraded because I was told my site was too large.

I was constantly stressed, and my depression kept spiking. I’d spend hours searching the web to fix the issue just to avoid dealing with Bluehost.

In my searches online, Siteground came up a lot and people had nothing but good things to say about them. Great customer service, fast speed, etc.

What was I waiting for?

I was afraid. I did not want to go through this again. To switch to another host only for it to be the same. I felt trapped and depressed. I spent less time working on the site and more time trying to fix issues.

Finally, after another site crash and realizing I was already on one of the top plans of Bluehost. Their second stage VPS plan, I thought what’s the worst that could happen and took the leap.

How was the host switching experience?

I was not scared of the switch, but if Siteground could stand behind their promise of fast support, 99.99% up time and blazing site speed.

I did my research and took a look at their plans.

  • The startup plan – Perfect for people with only one website that are just starting out with blogging. Capable of handling up to 10,000 unique visits per month and 10GB of space. One click WordPress install and some other features.
  • The Grow Big Plan – Has everything the startup plan has. Plus, you get multiple websites, faster speed, up to 25,000 visits and 20GB space.
  • The GoGeek Plan – Is the one I went with. It’s good for people who have a larger site and ecommerce store. You can host multiple websites. It’s 30GB of space and is ideal if you receive around 100,000 visitors.

I reached out via chat, and under 30seconds someone answered. Oh my god! I could not believe how fast it was. I still had more questions but because of that I went through with the switch.

The representative took the time to walk me through the process, once on the other side, everything was handled for me. It was so easy I could not believe it. And unlink if I was to switch to Bluehost for example who charges $149 to migrate your site, it was free with Siteground.

What happened after the switch?

With Bluehost my site was loading at 6-8s and that was on their Vps plan. On Siteground’s shared hosting plan, my speed shot to the roof.

For those that don’t know, the speed of your blog plays a big part on your SEO and how much you earn. People won’t stick around if your blog is slow and constantly crashing.

Do I recommend Siteground?

You bet!

unlike many of the bloggers who recommend Bluehost, knowing their blog is not even on that platform, I never recommended them. They are a terrible company to host with for beginners.

But whether you are a beginner or already own a blog, I do recommend Siteground. I stand behind them 100%. Uptime is great. you get help in under five minutes, not to mention they are even recommended by WordPress.

I wrote this article so you could avoid making the mistake I did. Most people would have quit do to that experience. But somehow, I stuck with it. I don’t want you giving up on your dream of starting a blog because of a bad host.

With Siteground you’ll be able to focus on what is important. Blogging, not dealing with things your host is supposed to be taking care of.

If you are new to blogging, check out my step by step guide on how to start a WordPress blog.

I wish you success and would love to hear from you in the comments.

Bluehost - A Nightmare And Why I Switched