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Stefica Miller

What To Do When Your Energy Level’s Low and Stress Level’s High

You strive to do great things and set your standards high. You work hard, long tedious hours in order to reach your goals. Once upon a time, you had a life outside of work, where you would go out and have fun with your friends. But those days are long gone and now your time is consumed with work. That’s all you ever do. Work, home, sleep, repeat. It’s become your entire life now. Everyone’s wondering where you’ve been and when you do manage to go out, you’re too stressed to focus on having a good time. Once upon...

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9 Steps To Help You Build Your Productivity

According to, productivity is the state of being able to generate or produce goods and services. While this definition might sound very precise, there is more to productivity than what meets the eye. Productivity is one of those things that is much better said than done. Or is it? 1. The Truth Behind Multitasking We all want to believe that we’re great at multitasking, that we can take a phone call while simultaneously writing an email and everything will be fine. On the surface, that’s how it appears. It appears that we’ve successfully completed two tasks at once,...

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4 Expectations That Limit Your Abilities

Our expectations were instilled in us at a young age. We expected that the bad guy always got caught and the good guy always prevailed. We expected to reach our goals. We expected to meet the man/woman of our dreams and settle down. Maybe it’s the series of movies (and shows) that portray life as such or maybe it’s just the values we grew up with, but these expectations along with others have always been prominent. While it’s not a terrible idea to try and live up to these expectations, to always abide by them is a myth. The...

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5 Questions That Will Help You Reevaluate Your Life

Every morning, you wake up and complete the same routine. Getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and getting dressed for an eventful day. During this routine, you might look in the mirror to check your appearance and make sure you’re dressed for success. But how many times have you looked in the mirror and assessed yourself? Not your wardrobe or your hair, but your goals, your future, your happiness? We often get too busy living our daily life to even bother asking these questions, too focused on the getting in and out. But asking yourself...

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3 Simple Steps To Help You Move On With Your Life

The thing about moving on is that it’s hard. It’s not something that happens overnight, no matter how much you want it to. It’s something that takes time, patience, and willingness. It takes undergoing frustrations and shedding a few tears. It takes friendships and feeling loved and so many other things. For some people, getting over incidents is no big deal. They move on quickly and that’s okay. But for others, moving on isn’t just black and white. It’s an area filled with gray, stuck between letting go and holding on. When do we finally let go? When do...

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