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Kacey Mya

Top Five Signs Your Business Needs An ERP System

Running a business requires many different processes, policies and procedures. When you’re trying to ensure everything is completed in an appropriate and efficient manner, staying organized can make all the difference. However, when things get moving, it can be difficult to control. This is where ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, can come in handy. An ERP system can allow you to put everything in one place, ensuring you’re keeping an eye on all the different systems that must work together for you to be successful. If you feel like running your business is becoming too difficult to control, you...

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Unique Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Employees

Every first Friday of March, employers show their gratitude to staff on Employee Appreciation Day. This may mean a pizza party or a speech of gratitude, as a gesture of thanks for the hard work. Yet, showing your employees appreciation on a regular basis has a more motivating effect on work morale and productivity throughout the year. Just as you’d continue to court your partner after marriage, employers should show their appreciation for their hardworking staff on a consistent basis. A simple “good job” or “thank you” goes a long way, yet there are more unique and heartfelt ways...

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How To Create A Tranquil Work Environment

Are less than encouraging coworkers, pressing deadlines and endless stress getting the best of your ability to do your job? Old florescent lights and bright computer screens assault your eyes, and dated, malfunctioning technology only creates more stress as you do your best to complete your tasks. That’s not mentioning your desk, littered with paperwork. These are little annoying things, but they add up over the course of a long day or long week. At the end of a long day, it’s likely you bring the stress of your workplace home with you. Use these tips to create a...

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Why Giving Back Should Be A Major Goal For All Businesses

As a business owner, you may think your job is only to provide a product or service to your customers. While keeping customers satisfied is crucial for business success, the most profitable and sustainable businesses actually go much deeper to keep customers happy. They also look for ways to give back to their communities. Giving back is a great way for business professionals to dig some deeper roots with their community. As a way to become involve, spread awareness and create lasting relationships, getting involved in community service can be beneficial in many ways. Not only can it make...

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How These Businesses Have Grown To Be Environmental Leaders

There are a number of businesses who have enhanced their reputations by becoming environmental leaders. From eco-friendly work initiatives, like programs that improve sustainability, to charitable giving, the six businesses below are great examples of having environmental causes play a role in their image: Disney Disney is already beloved by children around the world, though their environmental focus is more well known among parents. Disney strives to please families with the prospect of an eco-friendlier future, via a zero waste policy, where none of their refuse goes to landfills. In 2016, they diverted 45% of waste from landfills and...

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