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Here at Entrepreneurboy, our aim is to help you get to a place you can be happy. To get the right, no fluff information that'll help you achieve success in all aspects of your life. If you are an author who wishes to share his/her story you can pitch us here.

Social Media Demographics 2017: Which To Chose [Infographic]

Where do your customers hang out, and which platform should you choose to help your business grow? Whether you have a small or big business, social media platforms provide a way for you to build your brand and reach new audiences that you would not have been able to on your own. Take advantage of the opportunity to reach a bigger audience. But rather than exhaust yourself signing up for all the social platforms, here is an infographic from the Tracx team to help you narrow your choice and pick the social sites doing the most. Your social presence...

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17 Effective Time Management Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

  Financial success relies on the ability to manage your time effectively. Invest in your time rather than spending it. Wondering how to get started? Don’t worry! MyTasker, a Virtual Assistant company has produced a visually appealing Infographic on 17 Time Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs, which will help you make the most of your time. Just have a quick look at the Infographic to get the best time management tips and tricks....

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15 Legendary Quotes From Successful Entrepreneurs

A lot of people do not see the kind of struggle entrepreneurs have to endure before succeeding and only look at the rosy picture of their crib or expensive yacht. Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and many others have persevered through a lot of hardships before becoming successful. Their positive perspective towards life and dedication towards their craft will help you feel more empowered. This infographic from Total Processing is an ideal resource to learn life lessons from these crème de la crème entrepreneurs. These 15 quotes would inspire you to do more,...

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How De-Cluttering Your House Can Relieve Stress

Clutter. Not only does the word sound ugly, but it can also have some ugly psychological side effects without you even being aware of it! Simply being surrounded by disorganization can actually increase stress levels and exacerbate mental health conditions (e.g. anxiety and depression). Nobody sets off to have a cluttered mess, but soon enough you can find yourself in a stressful, messy environment if you don’t declutter and put everything properly back into place. It sounds easy enough: clean up after yourself and eliminate things you don’t need. But when we look at the causes of clutter, there...

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8 Things You Should Never Tell Your Staff

“I know my words make the best employees leave my company, so why do I keep telling them things that will eventually destroy my business one day?” You wouldn’t believe but these are the words my boss told me a few days ago. 5 employees left the company last week and it was a total disaster. The problem is, he never thinks twice before saying. If this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. Many bosses think that the employees must be obedient and silent. But, just because you are a manager or a boss, it doesn’t mean you...

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