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Curtis Mchale

If You Want Less Stress, Say Goodbye To Your Phone

The advent of connected devices has been an incredible boon to business. You can be sitting at the coffee shop enjoying a book and then take a dip into your email. You can be sitting at the park enjoying the view, and still get a bit done. While there are many benefits to having this fantastic device that’s connected to the world, there are also some substantial drawbacks. The biggest drawback is that you can work from anywhere, and so many of us do that. Between stories our kids are telling us we dip into email for a few...

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3 Little Things That’ll Tip Your Business From Mediocre To Amazing

As an entrepreneur, you want your business to succeed. You read books about success. You listen to podcasts with the leaders in business. You hear about companies throwing parties or sending huge gifts to clients. Things you can’t afford when you’re starting out. You erroneously think that this is the only way to get forward momentum going. For my wife’s birthday one year, I bought her a new road bike. This was many thousands of dollars and something she’d had her eye on for a while. If you asked her a week later about the best gift I’d ever...

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