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Let’s face it, life gets extremely tiring.

There’s too many things going on and too many things to focus on. You’re constantly running around and you don’t have enough time to relax. Matter of fact, the word relax is no longer in your vocabulary. Your mind is always rushing, filled with a million and one thoughts. Constantly thinking yet never resting.

Your brain is about to burst with the constant rush. You want to stop yet you don’t know how. I’ve been there and done that. And along the way I’ve picked up a few tips that I’ve written below that really helped me free up my mind.

Prioritize Yourself

More often than not, we get so busy we start ignoring everything else. We focus on what we feel needs to get done and nothing else. We start getting our priorities mixed up. When that happens, everything else in our life gets rearranged. Then we start to lose focus on what really matters.

Experiencing this shift in my life myself, I decided to sit down and make a list. I realized that although it’s important to complete your work, it’s also important to spend time with those you love. So, I sat down and got my priorities straight. I made a list of activities that I had been doing and another list of how often I saw the important people in my life. It shocked me to see that I’d been spending less and less time with the people who meant the most to me. It bothered me; therefore, I changed it.

After rearranging my priorities, I could tell that my life had shifted in a good way. Sitting down and making a list of your priorities can really help clear the pathway for you to clear up your mind.

Give Yourself a Break

All work and no play makes for a very boring day. I was told this once but paid no attention to it at the time. I was only aware of the hardcore truth of this saying after I got hit by a truckload of the busy life. I didn’t have time to do anything. And I always found myself in the same boring routine- school, work, home, sleep, repeat. The cycle went on and on and on. I just got so tired of it and I knew I needed to make a change.

I needed to give myself a break from repeating the same boring, draining schedule. I needed to go out and do something for myself for once. And that’s exactly what I did. I called off from work and took a much needed break. I went on a walk which really helped clear my mind. Afterwards, I went home, read a book, and even danced a little.

This day was so relaxing and really helped me in the relaxation process. After that amazing day, I vouched to take a break when needed.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the rush of things. When you’re constantly rushing, you miss out on the joy of life. Acknowledge the fact that it’s okay to take a break and that it’s okay to stop and smell the roses.

“The world has some wonderful things, but because we’re going through sh*t it’s hard to see, because we are so focused on the smell.” James J-Pierre

Don’t Sweat the Little Things

If you’re focused on every single little detail, then you’ll never be happy. Realize that life isn’t full of rainbows and unicorns and that it won’t always be perfect. There will be ups and downs through it all, but you’re not doing yourself any favors by harping on the small details. In fact, by doing this you’re creating even more unnecessary stress in your life.

Stop focusing on the small things and start focusing on the larger picture. I know it’s a hard concept but doing this, or at least practicing, will really help make a difference in your life. Life is just too short to dramatize the smallest incidents. Now, I’m not saying to lay in bed, watch Netflix, and just ignore the world. Trust me, I tried. But focusing too much on the flaws will end up driving you insane.

So whenever you feel as though things couldn’t be worse, remember things are always better than they seem. It just requires taking a few steps back to see the situation in its entirety instead of rushing head on. When you do that, you’ll find the key to doors you thought would never open. You’ll be able to traverse through the roadblocks and reach your destination of greatness.


Life is one large wave, and if you’re not paying attention it will sweep you by. It will take you on adventures you never imagined with multiple bumps along the way. It will rush at you so fast that if you blink you might miss it. Especially if you’re one of those people who are always in a rush, never slowing down to enjoy it.

What are some steps you’ve used to help make your life more enjoyable?

Stefica Miller is an Entrepreneurboy author who focuses on helping people live a happy and joyful life. When she’s not hanging out with friends, you can find her enjoying a book.