Have you ever looked at an entrepreneur and thought to yourself, “Why did they just say that? It doesn’t even make sense.”

Me too.

Often unpredictable and downright confusing, an entrepreneur will say things that will leave your head shaking. In an attempt to bring clarity to your life, here are 12 things an entrepreneur will say that you won’t understand.

How To Become An Entrepreneur (The Ultimate Guide)

I don’t have time for that

Each time you hear this you undoubtedly think how can that be true? They spend countless hours “tinkering” around with their work, yet they don’t have time for something else? While it may not make sense at first, understand that an entrepreneur has an unbreakable focus.

I like to call it concentration in its highest form. Whether it’s fair or not doesn’t matter. It’s just the way it is.


This two-letter word carries more meaning than any other word in your language. A true entrepreneur has learned the value of prioritizing the things that matter. Sadly, these may not include the things that matter to you.

Very few entrepreneurs have the time for parties, helping people move, drinks, or anything else that will take them away from their work.


I can do everything

Yes, you’re right, no they can’t. That doesn’t mean that they won’t try. Fortunately, this stage only lasts a short period of time. Eventually, they stumble upon the African proverb that states, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Be patient and wait.

You should do it this way

It doesn’t matter that they suddenly understand that proverb. An entrepreneur has the need to keep their finger on the pulse at all times.

Please know that it doesn’t mean they consciously do it. Instead, it is an unconscious reaction to the vision that they have. Think of it like a baby. Just as the parents are responsible for the baby, so is the entrepreneur for the vision.

I’ve been there

At some point in their life, every entrepreneur has started a sentence with these words. When you hear them, make sure that they follow up with, “Let me show you a better way” or “That didn’t work so well, here is something you should try.”

It’s essential that entrepreneurs pass down their wisdom to the next generation. If, for whatever reason you hear “I’ve been there” and it isn’t followed by some sort of suggestion, give them a polite jab and remind them of their duty.

Mistakes? I don’t make mistakes

This is the mark of an experienced entrepreneur vs an inexperienced entrepreneur.

The inexperienced entrepreneur is afraid to admit past mistakes whereas the experienced entrepreneur embraces them. They understand that mistakes are a part of growth and without them, growth cannot occur. If you are seeking guidance from an entrepreneur, pay close attention to their words. The more humble the words, the better off you’ll be.

All part of the plan

Different from not admitting a mistake, “all part of the plan” is an attempt at humor. These words are typically the result of something magically working out when there was no hope of it doing so. Further to that, “all part of the plan” is an attempt to cover up the fact that they have no idea why it worked.

Give me more time

When push comes to shove and a project is due, don’t be surprised to hear this one. Some entrepreneur’s work extremely well under pressure and sometimes all they need is just a little more time.

Don’t confuse these entrepreneurs with those who need more time because of procrastination. If you know that needing more time is a result of procrastination, call them on it, you’ve done them a service.

Just five more minutes

Slightly different than the previous point, if an entrepreneur asks you for five more minutes, give it to them. More often than not, this sort of request often leads to impressive results.

Yes, you’ll be frustrated. However, if you understand this before they make this request, you’ll be better equipped to handle it.

You go ahead, I’ll be right along

No, they won’t. Get used to it.

Anything is possible

No matter what you believe, believe it when they tell you that anything is possible. If it seems impossible, it’s because it hasn’t been done before and that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Muhammad Ali famously said that “Impossible is not a fact, it’s an opinion.” This is the life that an entrepreneur lives and it’s important that you remember that.

I can do it better


If an entrepreneur tells you that they can do it better, give them a shot. If they happen to be wrong and you know a better way, don’t keep it a secret. Saying this, make sure you tell them in a non-confrontational way. Telling them any other way will only provoke them to prove you wrong.

I can do it more efficiently

Slightly different from doing it better, “I can do it more efficiently” has time, money, or resource implications. That alone is worth the exploration. If it becomes apparent that they can’t, give them enough time to come to the realization alone.

If they won’t come to the realization alone, refer to “I can do it better.”

In closing

I can’t promise that any or all of these will work. What I can promise is that with this understanding you will better understand those closest to you.


What are your opinions on these 12 things, do you agree or disagree?