Some things are better forgotten than remembered, just like it’s better to hold on to some and let go of others. Below is a list of ten things that could make your life much easier and increase the peacefulness and joyfulness of life.

1. Let Go of Your Close-mindedness

I understand that some habits are difficult to get rid of, but these same habits could be leading you to your own demise. So, stop doing the same old routine and being afraid to try new things. Open up your mind and heart to the idea of trying new activities and meeting new people. Once you do so, the possibilities are endless.

2. Let Go of Blaming Others

It’s easy to blame others when things start going wrong. It’s also easy to not take responsibility for your actions. These two are a deadly combination that have the potential of ruining your life. It’s time to start letting go of the want and need of placing blame on others, especially when it’s something you were a part of and could’ve helped prevented from occurring

3. Let Go of Putting Your Self Down

It’s time to stop putting yourself down. Let go of those negative thoughts about yourself. Instead, start filling yourself up with positivity. You can start by writing down ten things you love about yourself. Yes, you can get that raise. Yes, you are gorgeous from the inside out.

4. Let Go of Nagging

I realize that it’s human nature to complain, but you can always change the course of nature. Nagging isn’t something you have to do, yet it always feels like nagging is a way to solve the issue. It’s not. Let that be a thing of the past and start focusing on ways to help better your future, instead of worsening it.

5. Let Go of Always Being in Control

I get it; the constant need to be in control drives most of us. We need to have things done our way or no way, but that’s not always the right way. It’s time to take a back seat and let someone else take the wheel. Who knows, you might end up in a destination you never thought possible and have an amazing time. The only way to really find out is to let go and give it a chance.

6. Let Go of Being a Critic

It’s fair to say we all have our flaws. Whether you’re chewing with your mouth open or always being late, we all have something we’re not proud of. And that’s okay because no one was born perfect. Yet, it seems to be that we amplify the flaws of others.

When it comes to ourselves, we try to make excuses for why we are the way we are. But when it comes to others, we’re quick to judge and often have negative assumptions.

It’s time to bring the judgment and negativity to a halt. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, and frankly, unless they want you to, it’s not your business to know either. Everyone leads different lives and in this day and age, being compassionate and understanding can go a long way.

7. Let Go of Impressing Others

Over time, we stop being ourselves and start morphing into someone else. And in a society filled with the constant need to impress others, it’s easy to lose ourselves and who we once we were.

There’s a constant pressure exerted to have the nicest house, or the nicest car, or the nicest clothes. And so, we go on to try and impress others. Which needs to stop.

The only person you need to be impressing is yourself. If you keep on concentrating on what the world wants from you, it’ll drain your happiness. You’ll never be happy. Focus on impressing yourself by reaching your goal, which will help everything fall into place.

8. Let Go of Your Fears

This is one of those things that’s easier said than done. It’s hard to stop being afraid, especially when you’ve been afraid for a long period of time. It’s hard to let go of your fears, which can bind your every core. I know it’ll take some time before your fears are even slightly gone, but I do know that taking it step by step will help greatly.

Try something that you’re afraid of every once in a while. Just don’t exempt yourself from trying new things because it involves something you fear. Many times, it’s best to conquer them head on, but there’s nothing wrong with going at a slow and gentle pace to help eradicate your fears.

9. Let Go of the Past

It’s easy to let our minds drift off to think about the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve beens. We do it all the time, but it’s an activity we really should stop partaking in. It’s more harmful than beneficial to think about the past. It’s time to let go, which I know won’t be easy.

Letting go is a step by step process, it’s not something that occurs overnight. There’s no fairy that’s going to come and take away your sorrow nor is a shooting star you can wish upon.

There is, however, the guidance and moral support of those around you. Surrounding yourself with positive family and friends could help transition you into a better future, one that will not focus so much on the past.

Remember, the past is set in stone but the future isn’t. Life is what you make of it and you’ll never be able to move forward if you’re stuck looking behind you.

10. Let Go of Being in a Rush

Stop and smell the roses. Yeah, you might be super busy doing important stuff, but it’s also important to take a breather and relax. Try not to overwork yourself and leave some time to enjoy life.

 In Conclusion

We determine our own fate. We determine our own happiness. Although there will be times when we feel as though there’s nothing that can lighten our spirits, that’s simply not true. But if you were feeling down in the dumps, I hope these tips were able to give you a new approach on life.